TC025. SDS115 Heavy Duty Degreaser

TC025. SDS115 Heavy Duty Degreaser

A specially formulated product for contract use. A powerful rapid action cuts through dirt and grime and it has a controlled foam so there is no excess foam to rinse away.

This product can be used for cleaning walls and floors including metal, rubber, plastic, ceramic and concrete.

Directions: For heavy duty cleaning and wax removal dilute 1 part to 10 parts hot water. For general maintenance cleaning dilute 1 part to 40 parts hot water Nb Do not use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces and ensure good ventilation when in use. Do not mix with other chemicals. Available in 5 and 25 litre plastic containers

TC024. SDS096 Spray and Buff

Floor maintainer

This product is ready to use. It can be used either by spraying onto floor or by mopping. If mopped onto floor it has to be allowed to dry prior to burnishing. When sprayed onto floor ahead of the machine fitted with a nylon pad it can be burnished immediately to a shine. For maximum floor life this product should be used in conjunction with metallised floor polish (TC019). Available in 1 litre triggersprays and 5 litre plastic containers

Download Heavy Duty Degreaser and Cleaner Datasheet
TC019. SDS095 Floor Polish

TC019. SDS095 Floor Polish

High Solids Metallised

A metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removal. Non yellowing polymer film produces an excellent shine with excellent slip resistence.

For all linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. Not suitable for unsealed wood or cork.

Directions: Apply on a clean grease free floor any old polish should have been stripped using polish stripper (TC020) then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Apply a thin even film of polish using a clean lint free mop or applicator. Apply a secon coat when the first is dry (approx 30 minutes). Polish may be buffed to improve the gloss. Available in 1 and 5 litre plastic containers. Coverage is 60 square meters per litre. Maintain using spray and buff floor maintainer TC022.

TC020. SDS098 Floor Polish Stripper

TC020. SDS098 Floor Polish Stripper

Alkaline non ammonia

A highly alkaline solution for quick removal of all emulsion and metallised polishes. Controlled foam for use with machines. This is also available as an ammoniated product for unlocking aged on polishes and to remove dirt and wax.
For stripping metallised floor polish from all surfaces

Directions: For polish stripping dilute 1 part to 10 parts hot water. Allow to soak onto the floor for 10-15 minutes. Scrub thoroughly, preferably with a scrubbing machine fitted with a nylon scrubbing pad. Remove solution with a mop or suction dryer. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before re-applying polish. 5 litres of stripper will strip the polish from 200 square meters of floor. Available in 5 litre plastic UN specification containers and boxes

TC023. SDS various Hard Surface Cleaners

Based on caustic, metso or d’limonene

There is a range of hard surface cleaners depending on the soil to be removed. The picture shows three of these.
The caustic based hard surface cleaner is best suited for the removal of animal fats from all surfaces, the metso based one will remove general soilage from most surfaces and the d’limonene based one is best for removal of oils and grease in all applications. The use directions vary depending on the product used and the severity of the soilage please see safety data sheets for details. All these products are available in 1, 5, 25 and 200 litre plastic containers.

Download Citra Fresh Datasheet
Download Hard Surface Cleaner Datasheet
Download PC49 Antibact Cleaner Bact Degreaser Datasheet
Download Power 2000 Datasheet
TC022. SDS023 Pine / Lemon Gel Cleaner

TC022. SDS023 Pine / Lemon Gel Cleaner

Also available in lemon

Concentrated product with fresh pine or lemon fragrance and is an ideal mopping solution for all surfaces. Will not remove polish, but can be rebuffed and is slip resistent.
As well as polished floor maintenance these products are ideal for spray cleaning for dirt and heel mark removal.

Directions: For general mopping dilute 1 part to 160 parts hot water. Mop allow to dry and buff if required to improve the shine. For spray burnishing dilute 1 part to 80 parts water. Spray lightly ahead of machine fitted with nylon pad and immediately polish to a shine. Nb for maximum floor life we recommend that floors are sealed with metallised floor polish (TC019) and regularly maintained with spray and buff (TC024). Product available in 5 litre plastic containers.